I was born in Clearwater, FL., and I moved to Ashland, KY., when I was 8. I found my life was surrounded by art. My Mom was a painter and I loved all styles of music. I loved animals and raised several different furry creatures from the usual dog and cat to wild rabbits (still a passion to this day) and a guinea pig or two.

I also found time to fall in love with a furry headed rocker and moved to Hollywood, CA., and I am still raising the rocker. Go figure... he is allergic to furry creatures. Luckily I now live just outside of Atlanta, GA., on a few acres of wooded land with 2 creeks on property. Needless to say I get my fair share of time with all kinds of creatures, feathered, scaled, musical and yes, even furry.

I love my family, friends, and camera! I make the most of my skills with Lightroom, Photoshop and can bring several years of experience in the arts and advertising business to create an atmosphere that can highlight either or both in a simple moment captured by the flash of my cameral. You make the call... or we'll make it together. My eyes are always focusing on the best feature. I love my view of this amazing world.

A baby's 1st step, an old gentleman's struggle to open his wife's car door, a moth's desire to stay in the light's warm glow.

I wanted a passion to make my soul seek perfection... I found it from a gift. Appropriately enough, my passion was discovered by a loved one and now, it h as become my life... PHOTOGRAPHY!

We all have it... that desire to capture a moment that say's to others, look at what I saw, what I thought, what I loved about that moment.
What I love about life.

I am lucky enough to share my vision and dreams with you!  Serving Dallas, Hiram, Powder Springs, Marietta, Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock and other Atlanta, GA areas!

just maybe...
I can capture what we both need to see...